Typeface Design

Comicutie is a single weight script typeface designed by Jingyi Wang. This typeface can be used in both title display and legible content. Although Comicutie is a hand-drawing typeface, it still follows the rules of typeface design. It combines modern scan serif and hand-drawing style. Instead of using the top dot in lowercase ”i” and “j”, Comicutie uses the little cute cloud shape which is the most special design of this font. The cloud shape design distinguishes Comicutie from other hand-drawing style scripts. The whole font creates a pretty, young and playful feeling. Comicutie is designed to be elegant and adorable so that it can be used by anyone anywhere.

Comicutie is the best font choice for a comic book, baby board book, illustration advertising, poster, cartoon, hand-drawing style branding and etc. It features a strong bold, modern visual sense and fits very well with any color.

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