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The Crucible

Editorial Design & Poster Design

Branding design of play The Crucible, including books,

posters, postcards, and advertisements. The author vividly and profoundly described the oppressive atmosphere and political persecution at that time and tried his best to show the danger of people’s hearts under the rule of great power, the degradation of human nature, and the failure and destruction of people in the confrontation with evil forces. Creating a print poster campaign to shed light on the destructive effects that the misuse of power can have in today’s society. While using the story of the play and by taking a modern approach to the design. To create a compelling poster that will show the corruption that comes with power and how they affect the people under its laws/rules.

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2nd project6.jpg
2nd project3.jpg
2nd project5.jpg
2nd project4.jpg

Deception, Hysteria, Religious, Individual.

Dark, Deceiving, Dramatic, Destructive.

Historical, Rigid, Fearfull, Political.

“Deceive or be deceived?”


You can not see whatever you want to see. 

You can not say whatever you want to say. 

Because you are under THE POWER.

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