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My thesis project is said that every phenomenon in the world is connected in one way or another. No entity that you can possibly imagine stands by itself. As a result, people tend to think in series whenever they confront problems. This mode of thinking facilitates the association of one item with another and, in turn, links the new object with the subsequent one. It can be best encapsulated as an endless cycle of thinking. My thesis is a visual depiction of the interconnectedness of the world and, at the same time, a mind map that can attract people to pause and digest the information they perceive. It is my hope that my thesis can inspire people to pay greater attention to their thinking patterns and nurture individuals’ thinking habits and abilities, while, crucially, also guiding them to contemplate what “thinking” entails. 

The webpage is divided into two parts by the statement. The upper part is automatic and random. All the choices are made by the computer. The computer will grab a word in a paragraph randomly and then find relevant explanations from the wiki. After a new paragraph appears, the computer will proceed to pick another word from it randomly. This process can be repeated infinitely. It exemplifies the interlocking, random, and infinite concept of thinking that I am attempting to promote. The second half of the website enables the user to select the hyperlinks step by step manually, but, in the end, they will find out that the last word appears first. This end-to-end path, like the infinity symbol, can equally denote that thinking is endless.

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